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Descriptions of the plants used can be found in literature and on the Internet

  • Burdock: Active ingredients: ligans, caffeoylquinic acids, polyacetylenes, flavonoids, sesquiterpene lactones. Described effects: Flushing of the urinary tract, against skin diseases, liver diseases, hair loss and rheumatic diseases, with antioxidant effects = protection and promotion of the body cells, with antiviral and antitumoral effects.
  • Buckwheat: active ingredients: rutoside and other flavonoids as well as chlorogenic acid and phenolcarboxylic acid. Described effects: in chronic venous insufficiency, in microcirculation disorders and for arteriosclerosis prophylaxis, with antioxidative effects = protection and promotion of the somatic cells, for lowering the elevated blood sugar level.
  • Chrysanthemum: Camphor, Cineol, Borneol, Quercitrin, Myricetin. Described effects: Against high blood pressure, diabetes, for blood circulation, against inflammation and fever.
  • American ginseng: Ginsenoids. Described effects: General strengthening.
  • Chinese ginseng: Ginsenoids. Described effects: General strengthening.
  • Snow lotus: acetin, hispidulin, rutin. Described effects: Against hypertension and diabetes, stimulation of blood circulation, against inflammation and fever.
  • Cordyceps sinensis: ophicordin, galactomannan, L-tryptophan, nucleosides. Described effects: General strengthening, as well as against lung, liver, kidney and cardiovascular complaints and back pain.
  • Chinese senna: anthranoids, sennosides. Described effects: Regulation of gastrointestinal functions.

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