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Food with healing properties

In addition to the energetic, mineral and vitamins, our plant-based food provides numerous so-called secondary active ingredients that help the plant in its struggle for existence and which - and this is confirmed by experience as well as scientific studies - can also promote and restore our health. Herbal active ingredients can e.g. delay the aging process of the cells, strengthen the immune system against virus attacks and tumor development, improve the blood circulation and food utilization, stabilize the nervous system and much more.

Different foods offer different amounts of these active ingredients with different effects. The effect is based in most cases on the synergetic interaction of several substances and the complex use in our intestinal flora and our metabolic processes.

The composition and dosage of the herbal active ingredients play a crucial role. Vegetable substances should therefore be taken as mixtures of substances in the form of plants and parts of plants as food and not as isolated extracts.

The food industry is principally geared towards volume sales. This is why our foods are becoming increasingly poor in the important active ingredients in industrial food production. Unhealthy and even toxic ingredients are added or take up a larger proportion. As a result, diseases are increasing. Cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, chronic inflammation, cancer, Alzheimer's, osteoporosis, gout, allergy and accelerated aging are all proven depending on the diet.

Dietary supplements promise help, but isolating active ingredients and dosing them in high amounts is only of limited value for the use of the herbal health benefits. They assume a simplified use and implementation of the active ingredients, which usually does not exist.

Moreover, most of the mechanisms of action have not yet been scientifically or pharmacologically investigated. This is due to the fact that traditional botany cannot be patented and is therefore hardly economically viable. The interest of the pharmaceutical industry is missing.

The centuries-old experience of herbal medicine is therefore still the source of using this vast and powerful reservoir of herbal ingredients to maintain and restore our health.

The Lutang Drink® comes with an ancient and proven recipe from this source, the traditional Chinese herbal medicine. The utilization of whole parts of plants, a combination of synergetic ingredients with a variety of active ingredients ensure a broad spectrum of activity, gentle action and lasting effects with daily intake. In this way, Lutang Drink® promotes the health of our body in the interplay of all functions or restores it before radical medical measures are necessary. Countless positive experiences confirm this.